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1914 NOT the year the Kingdom was Born. Proven using 3 scriptures. References.

Figure 1.Strong's Hebrew Greek Dictionary.

5604 is the original Greek word mis-rendered as "Pangs of distress" in Matthew 24:8 and Mark 13:8 in the New World Translation. See "figure 5" for proof of the Greek word numbered 5604,which is the Original Greek word for "pangs of distress". 5605 is the Greek word in Revelation 12:2 describing the pains that come from "Birth-pangs". But BOTH "birth pains" which are part of "Birth-pangs" happen before a Birth.

These 3 pictures from the "Strongs concordance" dictionary,show the Original Greek meaning of "Birth-pangs" which is mis-rendered "pangs of distress" in the New World Translation. Just as "jehovah's witnesses" have gone back to the original Hebrew to discover where YHWH existed,now they have to do the same with "pangs of distress". Is this an accurate rendering of "birth-pangs"? No."pangs of distress" teaches the opposite of "birth-pangs" which IS the Greek word Christ used when talking about the "Signs". Only by going back to the Original Greek language do we discover what Christ really said....and the correct Greek word that He used.

He called the "Signs" Birth-pangs.

Birth-pangs occur before a Birth NOT AFTER as "pangs of distress" wrongly teaches. The Kingdom Interlinear Translation published by The Watchtower Society also backs "Birth-pangs" as the correct original Greek word,as seen below.

      Figure 2. Kingdom Interlinear Translation published by The Watchtower Society of Matthew 24.
      Greek on the left. English on the right.

Notice the Original Greek word for "pangs of distress" is on the left,which the Governing Body admits is, Birth-pangs.

Birth-pangs occur BEFORE a Birth,not after. The Signs Christ spoke about are Birth-pangs and they happen before the Birth of Gods kingdom. Revelation 12:2 below confirms that Birth-pangs happen before a birth. Thats why they are called Birth-Pangs.

    Figure 3. Kingdom Interlinear Translation published by The Watchtower Society of Mark 13.
      Greek on the left. English on the right.

Notice the Original Greek word for "pangs of distress" is on the left,which the Governing Body admits is, Birth-pangs.

There are 2 scriptural concepts being shown on the same page of Mark 13:8 and Matthew 24:8,in both copies of the Kingdom Interlinear Translation. On the left,the original Greek word "Birth-pangs",which Christ used,rightly shows birth-pangs happen before a birth. On the right,we see "pangs of distress" teaching another idea about the Signs. That they happen after a birth.

You have 2 conflicting ideas about how birth-pangs happen on the same page. How is that possible?
"Pangs of distress" does not reflect Jesus intentions regarding the "signs". JESUS said Birth-pangs.The Governing Body admit this is what Christ said because they printed what Jesus said on the Left ! Yet,the "Governing Body" have made up an expression that does not reflect the True Greek meaning and added it to the "New World Translation",which is on the right and in every copy of the "New World Translation" .
This deliberate error has been in every copy of "New World Translation" since 1950.
The proof is here for you to see.

Birth-pangs occur BEFORE a Birth,not after. The Signs Christ spoke about are Birth-pangs and they happen before the Birth of Gods kingdom. Revelation 12:2 below confirms that Birth-pangs happen before a birth. Thats why they are called Birth-Pangs. 

Thus with Matt 24 AND Mark 13,there are 2 accounts of Christ calling the "Signs" "Birth-pangs". Birth- pangs occur before a Birth. Thus the "Signs" Christ had just described,happen before the Birth of Gods Kingdom.

       Figure 4. Kingdom Interlinear Translation published by The Watchtower Society of
Revelation 12:2.
        Greek on the left. English on the right.

Jah is setting an important scriptural precedent in this verse. Birth-Pangs happen before a Birth. This is certainly true of a physical birth,but Jah is telling us that in the CONTEXT of God's Kingdom being Born,its the same.

This is what Revelation 12:2 is explaining about Gods Kingdom. Before it is Born,birth-pangs occur. This verse proves it !

Birth-pangs happen before a Birth. Matthew 24 and Mark 13 record Christ using the term "Birth-pangs" in reference to the "Signs". So the "Birth-pang Signs" happen before Gods Kingdom is Born. "Pangs of distress" is not in harmony with the Original Greek,which the Kingdom Interlinear Translation published by The Watchtower Society,proves.

Jah through Revelation,is explaining that "Birth-pangs" occur before a Birth,not after. "Pangs of distress" teaches the opposite of the original Greek.Pangs of distress teaches that Birth-pangs occur after a Birth. But this verse uses the same Greek word that's in Matt 24 and Mark 13. Therefore,the Signs which are Birth-Pangs occur before the Birth of Gods Kingdom.

Figure 5. Interlinear Bible purchased from the The Watchtower Society of Matthew 24. Please note the Greek word for Birth Pangs is numbered:5604. Use "Figure one" above of the Strong's Dictionary to see explanation of the Greek word.

Figure 6. Interlinear Bible purchased from the The Watchtower Society of Mark 13. Please note the Greek word for Birth Pangs is numbered:5604. Use "Figure one" above of the Strong's Dictionary to see explanation of the Greek word.

Figure 7. Interlinear Bible purchased from the The Watchtower Society of Revelation 12. Please note the Greek word for Birth Pangs is numbered:5605,which comes from 5604. Use "Figure one" above of the Strong's Dictionary to see explanation of the Greek word.

This is another interlinear bible that shows the original Greek word for "pangs of distress" in the NWT is actually "Birth-Pangs". As is seen by these 3 scriptures and the Original Greek within the Kingdom Interlinear Translation published by The Watchtower Society,Christ called the Signs "Birth-Pangs". According to Revelation 12:2 and the experiences of Billions of Women,Birth-pangs occur before a Birth,not after a Birth.

1914 NOT the year the Kingdom was Born. Proved using 3 scriptures.

1914 NOT the year the Kingdom was Born. Proven using 3 scriptures.

Not taking into consideration the “calculation” of how 1914 is reached and the great debates over where the “7 times” starts etc...What is 1914 really supposed to be about ? It is said falsely that in the year 1914 the Kingdom is“Born”. So,the whole point of the “1914” false doctrine, is to assert and make it clear that the Kingdom was born then,in that year.

But that's not all.It is asserted that what happens after 1914 in Historical World Events actually fulfils the “composite sign” of Matt 24:8 and Mark 13:8. This supposedly proves the year 1914 was the year that IN HEAVEN the Kingdom was Born. These events seen in the World around us supposedly prove that what happened in heaven nearly 100 years ago,is proven by the appearance of the composite sign.

The whole “1914 idea” rests on 2 important things: 1/ The equation of the “7 times”.2/ The “composite sign” being fulfilled in the World since then which “proves” what has happened invisibly in Heaven.

The “composite sign” are the “pangs of distress” that occur after the Kingdom's Birth. These are perported to be the visible manifestations of the Invisible “Birth” of the Kingdom. This is still the false claim of the Governing Body.What we will be looking at is what Jesus Himself called the signs of Matt 24:8 and Mark 13:8 and how these 2 verses connect with the Birth of the Kingdom mentioned in Revelation 12:2. When we combine these Greek meanings,it will be obvious that 1914 is NOT the year the Messianic Kingdom was Born.

What will establish the truthfulness of “1914” hinges on the word “Birth-Pangs” which is wrongly translated as "Pangs of distress” in the New World Translation.

Why is it that the Kingdom is referred to as being “Born” or using a term like “The Kingdoms Birth”? Why do all JWs use these expressions? Because Jesus was to show that many things pertaining to the Kingdom's Birth are like a woman giving birth to a child. Things happen in a certain order. As the Great Illustrator,Jesus borrowed from events that happened in every day life to make a spiritual point,so that it would be clear what He is trying to say.

So to,Jesus also used many details from a woman's birth,that help to clarify and make clear certain events regarding the Kingdom's Birth AND THE ORDER IN WHICH THEY WILL HAPPEN.

Revelation 12:2. NWT: "and she was pregnant. And she cries out in her pains and in her agony to give birth.”

NIV:She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth.”

But are the above translations accurate of what “The Woman” is going through ? What are the “Pains” ?

Notice that the woman was pregnant. She cries out in her pains..what pains ? “Labour or Birth pains”..that lead up to a birth. This might sound like stating something very obvious,that labour pains come before a birth,but this is what Revelation is showing us in regards to “birth pangs”. This word describes what is happening to the "Woman" mentioned at Revelation 12:2 AND it happens before the Birth.

What is the Greek word,that is used to get the translated word “Birth Pains”?

The root meaning in the Strongs Hebrew/Greek dictionary of that word Greek word numbered 5604:”pang” or “throe”,esp of childbirth.”trevails”...”grief at childbirth”. (See Strongs Dictionary below) There are many translations that use birth pangs to confirm that “birth pangs” is right.

But even using the New World Translation,we can go to Revelation 12:2 and see how the same GREEK word is used in the context of someone giving Birth. The Woman is giving BIRTH. So even within the NWT we can see the word being translated correctly, and showing how the word is to be used and understood. See Figure 4 & 6 Above.

“Birth-pangs/pains” happen before a birth!

Now lets go to Matt 24:8 and see where the same word is used and this will help us to see something very important regarding the Kingdoms “Birth”.

New World Translation. Matt 24:8 "For nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be food shortages and earthquakes in one place after another. 8. All these things are a beginning of pangs of distress."see figure 2 above for Matt 24:8

Did you see where “Birth pangs” are used by Jesus? No? That's because its been wrongly translated.“Pangs of distress” is the SAME Greek expression used in Revelation 12:2 which is correctly translated as “Birth pangs”. see figure 2 above for Matt 24:8.

Above in "Figure 5" is a copied page of an Interlinear Bible you can get from the Kingdom Hall. PLEASE get one and look it up for yourself! It shows you the word used in Revelation 12:2 and Matt 24:8 are from the same word and the same meaning. The Greek words are numbered so you can tell they are the same word. Use a “Strongs dictionary” (picture above,figure 1) which you also can get from the Kingdom Hall. That book will explain what “Birth Pangs” are ! Something that happens BEFORE a birth is called “Birth-pangs”. Which explains why many other translations use “Birth pangs” in the Matthew 24 and Mark 13 accounts.

The Kingdom Interlinear of the Greek Scriptures” backs the CORRECT Greek Meaning.

More importantly is the FACT that the “The Kingdom Interlinear of the Greek Scriptures” published by The Watchtower Society also puts “Birth Pangs” where it should go in the Greek on the left hand side. Above (figure 2 & 3)is a copy of both places where this word is used by Jesus in talking about the “Birth” of the Kingdom. Matt 24:8 and Mark13:8. Figure 2 & 3.

If the word is the same in Revelation 12:2 and that verse makes it clear that “Birth-pangs”happen before a birth...and Jesus is talking about The Kingdoms Birth in Matt 24:8 and Mark 13:8 ,then this leads us to only one conclusion. The Kingdom has not been “Born” because the “Birth pangs” are happening right now and growing in intensity as we head towards the “Birth”. That's what happens with “Birth pangs”.

Important question:
If Jesus spoke about the “signs” and called them “Birth pains” in Matthew 24:8 and Mark 13:8... AND the Revelation 12:2  reveals that they happen before a Birth...what does this tell us about whether the Kingdom is Born, if the “COMPOSITE signs” are spoken about by Jesus as "birth pains/labour pains" ?

It tells us that the Birth of the Kingdom is yet to come!


And yet, the 1914 doctrine opposes this obvious truth about where Birth pangs happen in relation to a birth.

The false 1914 doctrine says the opposite is true because of “pangs of distress”. The 1914 idea says:The “birth” comes first,then the signs that tell us the birth has happened...and this hinges on the mistranslated expression “Pangs of distress”,which the “The Kingdom Interlinear of the Greek Scriptures” supports as being INCORRECT. Although,if you look on the right hand side column,you will see “Pangs of distress” as the English “translation”. Figure 2 & 3.

How can there be two different translations of the same word ? Two different words with 2 totally different meanings with regards to the Birth of the Kingdom? Jesus confirms what he meant in Matthew 24:8 (Kingdom interlinear Translation page 126)
and Mark 13:8(Kingdom interlinear Translation page 225) by repeating what Jah was saying by the Revelation 12:2 account of the Woman who gives birth to the Kingdom.

Labour/"Birth Pains" come before the birth of that Kingdom...not after.

The bible itself interprets how this word is to be understood by the context of Revelation 12:2.

“Pangs of distress” verses “Birth Pangs/pains”.
“Pangs of distress” is an expression used in connection with the supposed “Last days” and the “signs of the last days” since 1914.

Is this an accurate translation? No. The original meaning IS “Birth Pains” and this is proved by the "Governing Body" and their printing "Birth Pangs" as the correct Greek meaning in The Kingdom Interlinear bible.

With the wrong translation comes the wrong understanding regarding the Kingdom's Birth. The wrongly translated “Pangs of distress” teaches a warped idea about how a Birth happens. How can Birth pains/ pangs begin and continue AFTER a Birth ?

That is impossible. Other translations:Mark 13:8 There will be earthquakes in various places, and famines. These are the beginning of birth pains.

NIV"this is but the beginning of the birth-pangs." Revised standard version

These things are merely the beginning of birth pangs.NSAB95

Matt 24:8But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs 
NSAB95 8 All these are the beginning of birth pains. 

NIV 8 all this is but the beginning of the birth-pangs. Revised Standard Version.

Does the discovery of the true Greek meaning of "pangs of distress" make any difference ? Yes. Jesus gave this illustration for a reason. There are aspects of the Kingdoms birth that are like an actual birth. In what way ? The Birth Pangs,Labour pains happen BEFORE a birth,NOT AFTER !

Revelation shows this happens regarding “Birth Pangs”. If the Kingdom was “Born” in 1914,then how is it that the Birth Pangs continue to now ?

According to the NWT the signs are NOT “birth pangs”,but “pangs of distress”.

But what are the “pangs of distress” caused by ? Birth-pangs,Birth pains,Labour pains. Yes,the “distress” comes from being in labour which happens before a birth! But even using the NWT,we can go to Revelation 12:2 and see how the same word is used in the same context...and guess what,its correct translation is used. The Woman is giving BIRTH and it describes what is happening to the Woman before She gives Birth:Birth-Pangs. So even within the NWT we can see the word being translated correctly,and showing how the word is to be used and understood..Revelation 12:2. Figure 4 above.

If 1914 is the year of the Kingdoms BIRTH,then what were the “Birth pangs” or signs BEFORE that, which told us through world events that it was going to happen in that year? There are none.

And the “composite sign”,do we see any of these happening before 1914 so as to show it was about to happen in that year like a real “Birth”? No! We see no signs of any connection to “birth pains” indicating that the Kingdom was ABOUT to be born in 1914.

The“composite sign”.
So lets re-cap an important point.The “composite signs” are supposed to tell us that the Kingdom is established. That after The Kingdom was Born,the signs on earth are a physical manifestation of its birth in Heaven. Yet Matthew 24:8,Mark 13:8 and Revelation 12:1,2 are NOT saying that at all. The “signs”,whatever they are,are Birth Pangs,labour pains,birth pains..and they happen before a birth not after.

Proof that satan is behind 1914.
If 1914 is not when Jesus started ruling and the birth /labour pains/”signs” prove this,why did the 1st World War happen and coincide with 1914 ? Because satan misled the anointed to think this confirms the "1914 calculation"..AND THIS would make it appear that the anointed were inspected in 1919.

See the desperation of satan in his not wanting the anointed to be aware of when Jesus would really arrive ? That he was willing to bring a World War on the governments he controls and rules over,in order to keep The Anointed Remnant under the power of those who promote the lie of 1914.

Satan is that desperate...and the reason is that when anointed do wake up to this lie... and thus other lies,his rule will end because true wheat will stay loyal to Jehovah and be sealed. REV.12:10,11

Remember,Satanic rule will end when The Final Number of Invited Anointed are sealed. Jesus said both wheat and weeds are together until His arrival. 

The Kingdom can only be born once all members are sealed. Can an anointed be sealed if they believe the lie of 1914? 1914 claims that the Kingdom is born,thus all members are sealed in 1919. This is not true.

How can you be part of the completed/sealed 144,000 if the Kingdom hasnt even been born since this depends on the full number being sealed ?!

Why are the labour pains,birth pangs continuing if the “birth” of the Kingdom has happened ?

If we go by “Pangs of distress”,this teaches us to look in the world for the Signs of the Birth Pangs,and that somehow Satan's World is going through the “birth pangs/pains”.But Revelation 12:2 shows those who will be part of the Kingdom are those who are going through the Birth-Pangs.

Those who make up the Woman in Labour,are NOT part of the world. John17:16; 1John 5:19

See how this radically changes where we are looking if we accept “Pangs of distress” as being right ? We will be looking in Satan's world for the “signs” instead of those who are enduring the “Birth Pangs”,those who will be part of the Kingdom.

Important point. Where are we looking for the fulfilment of the “signs”?

Getting the right translation of “birth pangs” will determine where we will be looking for the fulfilment of the “Signs” Birth-Pangs that Jesus spoke about.

“Birth pangs” explains we need to look to those who will be members of the Kingdom as those who are enduring the “Birth pains”. Revelation 12:2 confirms this.

“Pangs of distress” gets us looking in the world as being the place for the fulfilment of the “signs”..and that is NOT where they will be.

“Birth pangs” explains correctly that the Birth is a final event in a long chain of events that lead up to the Birth. Without these previous events in the “Birth pangs”,the Birth cannot take place.

Which is why they happen before the Birth.

Wrongly translating “Birth Pangs/Labour Pains” as “Pangs of distress” says the opposite of the real meaning and is misleading. This false doctrine deceives,by teaching that the Birth happens first,then the other events in the “Pangs of distress”happen after that. And since we have seen through the Kingdom Interlinear Bible,“Pangs of distress” ARE really mistranslated "Birth pangs" in the Greek,we know that this false doctrine has switched “Pangs of distress” and the “Birth”, in reverse.

Events that need to happen before a birth,are taught to happen after the Birth,which cannot happen.

Why does satan want us looking in the World for the fulfilment of the Birth pangs leading to the real birth of the Kingdom ? Because he controls the world! (1John5:19; Matt.4:8).

He can make things appear to be something they are not (Rev.12:9; John8:44; 2Cor.11:3). More Importantly,he then can distract those who will be part of the Kingdom from seeing they are in danger from being misled by a counterfeit set of “signs”, when in reality the “signs”,including the “great tribulation” is being fulfilled within them as a group of Invited.... NOT within the World. Revelation 12:2 proves this.

Revelation 12:2 says its the Woman giving birth who is enduring the “Birth-Pangs”. Is this “Woman” who is giving Birth, part of satans world and political system so we should be looking there? NO!

This is what happens from a wrong translation. We look in the wrong place for fulfilment of scripture and what Jesus was talking about.

BY MATT.24:8 and MARK13:8 USING “Birth pangs”,Jesus is saying that we ought to be looking at who the Woman is and what she is giving Birth to. Who is part of the Kingdom to be born? Those who are invited to be part of The Kingdom and alive at this time before the The Kingdoms Birth.

According to the False 1914 Doctrine,“Pangs of distress” says we should be looking in satans world...because the kingdom is already Born. As we have established,“Birth-pangs” do not continue after a Birth.

So it is NOT Satan's world which is giving birth to the Kingdom...and therefore we cant look to satans world for the “signs”. It is the "woman"/New Covenant (Rev.12:2). The true labor pains then,are found with her and in her "seed" (John16:20,21,22). The labour pains of the Kingdom being born, are not to be found within Satan's political and commercial system.,but amongst those who will be part of the 144,000. (Rev.12:5; 2:26,27)

Satan is clearly still in control of the world (1John5:19). This control will not be forcefully taken from him, until there exists the legal basis to do so (Rev.20:1,2; 12:10b) according to Jehovah's perfect justice. This basis is established, the moment the last anointed one is sealed, and the full number of the administration is completed (Rev.12:10,11).

Do we notice that Rev.12:10,11 speaks of the accuser of our brothers has been "hurled down" ? Why is this important that it's worded like this,mentioning him as an "accuser" ..and not “devil” or “slanderer” ? Because it shows the reason satan is hurled down. He can no longer “accuse” Jesus brothers over their loyalty to Jehovah. Once the accusations no longer can be made and they are shown to be baseless...which means they have been tested and proven loyal...the faithful are sealed and so the Kingdom can begin its rule.

The Accusations levelled against those to be part of the 144,000 Kingdom is still an ongoing event in Heaven and thus the Kingdom cannot be “Born”. The War between the Woman's seed and satan's lies still rages. Rev.12:7,17; Eph.6:12; 2Cor.10:3,4,5) The Invited are still being tested to prove they are worthy of being sealed (Mark8:35; Rev.6:9; 12:10,11).

Important point. The birth pangs or pains are what those who will be part of the Kingdom are suffering throughout satans accusations regarding them as individuals,and thus shown to be lies. As Birth pangs are terrible pains for a woman giving birth,so also,the Invited Anointed go through great pain before they are sealed into the Kingdom and they are thus “Born” into it as sealed members of it.

Revelation 12:10 also says:”Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God,and the authority of his Messiah.”

So there is the connection between The Kingdom being established and satan being kicked out of Heaven because his accusations no longer can be legally be entertained as being true. Jesus brothers have been sealed and thus the Kingdom is born.

The Kingdom being born occurs because the members of it can now be sealed because accusations made about them can be put aside as false. These members have “snuffed their wicks” of things that made them unfit to be sealed,yet be invited.

So this verse in Revelation is showing the connection between satans accusations and once they are finished towards Christ's Brothers,the Kingdom is born. The Kingdom can be born once satan's lies are proven to be that.
And what do you think satan will do towards those who's faithfulness will end his rule and have him removed from Heaven? He knows once all members are sealed as tried and Faithful,the Kingdom will be born and his rule will end,which is why the “woman” is in so much pain before the Kingdoms birth.

Satan is causing this pain to those who will be members of the kingdom.

Is he concerned with whats happening in his system compared to those whos faithfulness willend his rule ?

Its his system,nothing happening there will end his rule.As Revelation 12:10,11 show,once he cannot accuse Jesus brothers any more..he is thrown out of heaven because legally the Kingdom can be born.

And since the Kingdom is the 144,000 and the labour pains involve those in modern times who are the remnant, the labour pains are what the Invited Anointed Remnant are going through in order to be sealed and shown to be either Loyal or apostate. Imagine the “anger” satan has towards these Brothers of Jesus knowing their faithfulness ends his rule !

This is why the “Woman” cries out in pain because of what the members of that Kingdom are going through. Their “great tribulation”. ("The Great Tribulation,what is it?”)

So where are the signs,which are the labour pains most logically going to be seen ? In satans world ? No! Its amongst those who are invited to be part of the Kingdom. The remnant of the 144,000 living today. Revelation 12:2 proves this point.

If its not talking about those who are part of the Kingdom who are experiencing the labour/birth pains..what part of The Kingdom or the Woman is experiencing these labour/birth pains ?

There is nothing that is part of satan world that is going to be part of the Kingdom or parts of his world that members of the Kingdom will come we have to stop looking in his system to seek out the “signs”. This idea is also part of the “spiritual sleep teachings” of anointed who were asleep until just before Jesus arrived as Jesus predicted in the 10 Virgin illustration. Something within the “Woman” and the “Child” which is the Kingdom is experiencing labour/birth pains...and that is the remnant on earth of the 144,000.

Saying that the “signs” which Jesus gave, which are part of the labour/birth pains will be seen within the world and we must look to the world to see what the “signs “are. This is like saying that someone is pregnant and about to give birth...and that someone else besides the pregnant Woman will experience the birth pains. That's not possible.

Only the pregnant woman has the birth-pangs because she is the one to give birth. And with Revelation 12:2 this includes the “child” or Kingdom and those who are part of it.

Those who are Invited to be part of The Kingdom go through the Birth-Pangs.

Revelation 12:2 makes it clear that the Woman is giving birth and is experiencing labour pains. So the birth-pangs must in some way be felt within THAT arrangement... and the “signs” of the gospel accounts are indicators of the woman mentioned in Revelation 12:2 and what “she” is experiencing.

The Signs Jesus spoke about are Birth-pangs,Birth pains,Labour pains !

But we can only be in expectation and see these events consisting of the “signs”,when we realise the birth pangs are happening amongst the Invited Anointed who will be part of the The Kingdom. This is where the birth-pangs / labour pains are occurring,NOT in satan's world.

So unless we are looking in the right place,we will not witness these birth-pangs / labour pains. We will be blind to them. Revelation makes it clear where the Birth is occurring,with those involved in the Kingdom. Those who will be part of it.

Important point. The Watchtower Society “Kingdom Interlinear Bible” puts the Greek meaning in its right place. In both verses,Matt 24:8 and Mark 13:8 on the left hand side is the original and TRUE Greek meaning...and on the right is the English. Why 2 meanings of the same Greek word ON THE SAME PAGE ?

The 2 meanings give two entirely different expectations about the “Birth” of the Kingdom. The Signs mentioned by Jesus will happen BEFORE the Birth of the Kingdom(Birth pangs) or AFTER the Kingdoms Birth (pangs of distress). And yet both ideas are presented on the same pages of the “The Kingdom Interlinear Bible”.

Satan would have us believe they are in his world and so very obvious.Since its his world to control,cant he make things happen to make it look like the Governing Body are telling the truth about World events ? A clever trick and a lie.

If we are looking in the world,then we wont look anywhere else. If the “birth pangs/labour pains” are happening within the “body” of Christ,that is those symbolised by the 10 virgins and the Woman in Revelation 12:2...and these are experiencing “Birth Pangs Pains” and the Governing Body Harlot is made of apostate anointed who have betrayed their calling...thus adding to the “birth pangs/labour pains”..would satan want JWs to know this ? Would he want Jehovah's Witnesses in general to see that he is behind the corruption of some of Jesus Invited Anointed Brothers ?

If the Governing Body are a “channel of Holy Spirit” as they keep telling us,then why are they continuing the false translation of “pangs of distress” and its false Kingdom “Birth” reasonings,even in the “New Bible” ? Birth pains/pangs do NOT continue after a Birth

So its no wonder that while the 10 virgins were asleep in modern times,satan had this teaching established so that just before Jesus true arrival, Jehovah's Witnesses would not be looking at where the real “birth pangs/labour pains” are happening...amongst the Invited Anointed who are enduring “birth pangs/labour pains” before being sealed.

While anyone is looking “for the time ahead” for the UN to “get its teeth” and act as the last King...or other world events that supposedly mark the the so-called “pangs of distress”...can one be looking at the apostasy going on within Jehovah's Witnesses because of apostate anointed within the Governing Body and the Birth pangs this is part of ? No.

Wont satan distract Jehovah's Witnesses by constantly trying to make worldy events appear as the fulfilment of end time events? YES ! But only if we believe that "pangs of distress" is right.

If the signs really are "Birth Pangs" as Jesus says they are,then where does this logically lead you ?

That the Kingdom has not been “Born”.

The “signs”,whatever they are..are telling us that the Kingdom is ABOUT to be born.

The “signs” ARE the Birth pains and happen within the group who will be “Born” into the Kingdom. The Invited remnant of this time period,when they are Born because their personal birth pains are over and they are sealed,so the Kingdom can be Born because all members of it have proved faithful,thus sealed.

A review. Revelation 12:2 shows the context of the word used by Jesus in Matthew 24:8 and Mark 13:8 that is correctly translated as Birth Pangs. It shows what the word means.

Birth Pangs,Birth pains,Labour pains that happen BEFORE a Birth NOT AFTER.

This WHY Jesus uses the illustration of a Woman giving Birth as an illustration,to show events would happen in a certain order,as with a real birth. Revelation 12:2 confirms the Greek word as meaning what a woman goes through before Birth,NOT after.

This is important because when we go to Matt 24:8 and Mark 13:8 these show when the “Signs” Jesus was speaking about would happen. BEFORE the Birth of the Kingdom,not after the Kingdom's birth.

The copied pages above of the Kingdom Interlinear Bible published by the Watchtower Society also show that the word used in Revelation 12:2 is the same word Jesus used in talking about the Kingdoms birth and WHEN the “signs” Birth pangs happen in relation to the Kingdoms Birth in Matt 24:8 and Mark 13:8. The correct translation IS Birth pangs,NOT “pangs of distress”
which teaches something completely different from what “Birth Pangs” teaches.

“Pangs of distress” is a lie from satan,because it teaches a distorted view of how a real Birth happens.

“Birth-Pangs” is telling us the truth as Jesus intended. Birth-Pangs happen before the Birth of The Kingdom within the members of Invited Anointed who are Invited to be part of The Kingdom.

The “signs” or “Birth Pains” happen within the Invited as a group,and when they finish,as Birth Pangs do, The Kingdom can and will be “Born”. “Amen,come Lord Jesus”

A modern day Prophet of Jah does exist! This person opened my eyes to what is going on within the Organisation of "Jehovah's Witnesses" and its obvious Christ is speaking through her work. LINK HERE